Competition 2022 Gallery

Results 2022 Competition

Voting criteria:
Harmony and artistic sensitivity
Originality of the message
Quality and complexity of execution

Category A, under 13 years old

First prize: Elise Migayrou – Trésor de Vie

Trésor de Vie

Second prize: Siebe Monkerhey – Portret van een Struisvogel

Portret van een Struisvogel

Third prize: Berre vanden Abeele – In de Bergen

In de Bergen

Category B, from 13 to 18 years old

First prize: Bertha Govaert – Space Energy

Space Energy

Second prize: Emilie Barthe – Taehyung


Third prize: Crystal N’Guyen – Retrouvaille Fantaisiste

Retrouvaille Fantaisiste

Category C, from 19 to 89 years old

First prize: Françoise Detry – L’Elégante

Art has become the therapy of this visually impaired resident of the Spa town


First prize ex-aequo: Françoise Detry – Tristesse


Second Prize: Jean Forrest – In the Rhythm (Joe Morello)

Dans le Rythme (Joe Morello)

Third Prize: Marjanne Geurtsen – Toddler with Hat

Toddler with Hat

Public Award 2022

Anaïs Dugal – L’instant

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