How to participate

After reading the General Regulations, here are the different steps to follow:


1a. Please invent a not too easy “Username” and “Nickname”, of at least 6 characters, letters and numbers.
Then do the same for the “Password”.
Use at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter and one number.
Finally do not use special characters like @ = & { € etc …
For security reasons, please do not use your real name for the “Username”.
It is essential to immediately register your “User name” and your “Password” in a safe place.

1b. Fill in the registration form according to your age category and save it. I repeat: don’t forget to write down the username and password you choose.

ATTENTION: If the WEB page remains blocked after pressing the “Register” button, please browse the document, the problem will be highlighted in red.

1c. Go check your e-mail and click on the link displayed in the verification e-mail of the e-mail address you entered in the registration form. You will receive a second confirmation on the site, not in an email, and it is only then that you will be registered.

(If your registration verification email is slow to arrive, please look in the trash/spam folder. If the link does not appear in blue, copy and paste it into your browser to confirm your registration.)

1d. After registering and responding to the email you will have received, you can ” connect ” to the site with the “Connect – Disconnect” button.
Use the “Username” then the “Password” entered previously.
As soon as you are “connected” please find your “Identifier” for the site, this is the number you will find at the bottom right of the screen once you have logged in for the first time. Also keep this ” Identifier ” (ID) in a safe place.


2a. If you have already registered for the contest, please press “Login-Logout” in the contest menu displayed on the right of the screen to access the next step.

2b. Photograph or scan your work (formats: gif, jpg or png , resolution of 300 DPI min.) Straighten the image before uploading it.

2c. Enter the characteristics of the work in its data sheet.
Attention: you will find your identification code (ID) at the bottom of the menu on the right on all the pages of the site, after you have registered and identified yourself.

2d. Select the photo you want to upload to your computer using the “Choose file” button and upload the photo or scan of the corresponding work using the “Upload” button.

2e. Upload your visual impairment certificate.
You can upload a certificate of visual impairment as a pdf, gif, jpg or png file.

2f. Check in the Gallery on the site the correct presentation of your works.

2g. This saved photo can be deleted at any time. In this case, delete your upload by clicking on the X above your unwanted work and upload a new work with the same identification number (ID).

By reconnecting you can always return to this same menu.


3a. If one or both of your works are awarded, you will receive an email with the title and number of the work, asking you to send the original work(s) to the address indicated.

Before sending, on the back of the work, write: the title, your identification number (ID), category A or B or C, your first and last name, full address and an arrow pointing to the top of the work .

NB: The works sent will not be framed or protected by glass. The works produced on paper will be framed in a uniform manner by the organizers.

3b. Receive confirmation that the original of your work has been received.


4. The works can be picked up by the participant at the organiser’s address. Please note: after December 20, works not taken back will be returned to you.

Return transport and participation in the final exhibition will be at the risk and peril of the participants.

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