Who are we ?

“By simply relying on memory
is the visually impaired able
to draw the invisible object of his passion
and find his place in society”
“Charles Emmanuel SCHELFHOUT”

The Art and Low vision association was founded in 2014 on the initiative of Charles Emmanuel Schelfhout with the aim of encouraging people with visual impairments to practice art.
Our aim is to present the works of art of the visually impaired, to encourage them and provide them with specific technical information that will allow them to regain the well-being of an independent activity.
The program for the 2023 season consists of:
The organization of a drawing and painting competition for the visually impaired,

Registrations until October 1, 2023, exhibition November 2023 in Brussels.

And the organization of exhibitions of artwork by visually impaired artists.
Get in touch to help those who are kept away fromlife by “the fog”.
[email protected]
Dendermondesteenweg, 519 / 201, 9070 Destelbergen, Belgium
Bank account : BE95 0004 2639 8458

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